Brief Introduction

Nanjing Women and Children's healthcare Hospital is Established in 1936 as the affiliated hospital of baby delivery to the State-run Central Midwifery Vocational School, Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Hospital was approved as the first Class Ⅲ Grade Ⅰmaternity & child health hospital in Jiangsu Province, also appraised as the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Attached to Nanjing Medical University and National Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. The hospital has now developed into a municipal hospital with functions of health care, medical treatment, teaching and scientific research.The hospital has been always sticking to the maternal and child health work policy of "focusing on health care, protecting reproductive health, combining health care and clinical practices, facing the community and the grassroots, and laying emphasis on prevention". The hospital has now dedicated to promote the health care and disease prevention service for women and children in Nanjing and surrounding areas. The hospital now serves as Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Chinese Hospital Association Management Branch unit of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Province Hospital Association, Maternal and Child Health School of the branch chairman of the unit.

Nanjing Women and Children's healthcare Hospital occupies 20,200 square meters with a construction area of 100,570 square meters. In January 2011, the new Maternal and Child Health Building, which ocuppied 750,000 square meters, was put into service. There are 1000 beds authorized. The hospital has 2048 staffs. Of them there are 415 with senior doctors, 537 with master degrees, 109 with PhD degrees. There are also 11 doctoral supervisors and 79 Master Tutors in our hospital.The hospital has a comprehensive discipline system. The obstetrical endoscope therapeutic skills training base of Endoscopic department serves as the 4 star training base of gynecological endoscopic surgery of the Ministry of Health. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) department was assigned as the demonstration unit of National general hospital TCM. The departments of Gynecology, Obstetric, Neonatal, Anesthesia, TCM, and the Prenatal Diagnosis Laboratory are assigned as the key departments at the provincial level. The departments of Children Health Care, Women Health Care, Galactophore department, Ultrasound department and Medical Laboratory department are appointed as the key departments at the municipal level. The Nanjing Women Health Care Center, Nanjing Children Health Care Center, Nanjing Neonatal Disease Screening Center and Nanjing Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Service Center were set up in the hospital.

Recent years, the Eugenics Quality Control Center of Jiangsu Province, the Prenatal Diagnostic Ultrasonic Center of Jiangsu Province, the Neonatal Disease Screening Quality Control Center of Jiangsu Province, the Provincial Maternal Emergency Treatment Centerof Jiangsu Province and Nanjing Neonates Suffocate Resuscitation Training Center has been established in the hospital. The hospital was approved as the PhD training points for pediatrics of Nanjing Medical University, PhD training points for gynecology and obstetrics of Nanjing Medical University, the PhD training points for Surgery (General Surgery) of Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing Medical Genetic Center, Nanjing Translational Medicine Center, The Training base of Maternal and Child Special Nursing inJiangsu Province,the standardization of residency training base in Jiangsu Province, the Second Branch of Provincial Demonstration Clinical Base for the Training of General Medical Practitioners in Jiangsu , the Scientific Research Demonstration Base for the Maternal and Child Health in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province Breastfeeding Skills training base, the Chinese Medical Association of Scientific Research and Information Technology Training Base, Obstetrics Anesthesia Training Base for Chinese Medical Association Branch of Anesthesiology , The Base for the Practice of High-Quality Nursing in the Perinatal Period of Chinese Medical Association, Perinatal Medicine.Perinatal Period High Quality Nursing Training Base of the Chinese Medical Association ( Perinatal Medicine Sub-Association), the Base for Cohort Study of National Key Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine, the National Clinical Pharmacology Research Base, National Early Childhood Development Demonstration Base, the Chinese Birth Defect Intervention and Assistance Demonstration Base. The hospital has become one of the Province's First “PAC Quality Service” hospitals , the Second Period "Premature (ER) Intervention Research" Project Implementation Units of the National Planning Commission, Maternal and Infant Health Quality and Safety Management Pilot Unit of the Chinese Disease Control and Prevention Center, the designated hospital for Chinese Gestational Diabetes Treatment Standardization Cooperation Center.

According to the 2020 Rankings of Scientific and Technological Value of Chinese Hospitals released by Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the Hospital ranked the 5th place for its plastic surgery, the 26th place for its gynaecology and obstetrics, the 33rd place for pediatrics, the 59th place for anesthesia, the 76th place for endocrinology and metabolology and the 82nd place for urology nationwide. In 2019, it was given Class A in the performance assessment of the national level III public hospitals in China; it ranked the 1st place among the hospitals specialized in maternal and child health care in Jiangsu Province and the 7th place among those hospitals in China; it ranked the first place and was given Class A in the performance assessment of maternity and child health care institutions of Jiangsu Province in 2020.

The hospital adheres to the development based on science and technology and appreciates scientific research-oriented development. In 2021, the Hospital set up 105 projects of various topics (including 11 National Natural Science Foundation Projects, 3 general projects for key research and development plans (social development) of Jiangsu Province, and 5 basic research plans (Natural Science Foundation) of Jiangsu Province); it has 24 projects approved with scientific research awards of various levels, including 4 ones with scientific and technological awards of China Maternal and Child Health Association, 1 with the third prize for its scientific and technological innovation as a member hospital of Chinese Hospital Association, 5 ones with evaluation awards for introduction of new technology in medicine of Jiangsu Commission of Health,1 with the award for introduction of new technology in woman and child health care of Jiangsu Maternal and Child Health Care Association, and 3 ones with evaluation awards for introduction of new technology in woman and child health care in Jiangsu Province; it has 43 patents and copyrights of various types approved and 515 research papers published, including 126 SCI papers (IF≥5, 41 papers).