Hospital Culture



The hospital advocates the human-oriented service concept and establishes a humanistic service system. It has created a new model of "one doctor, one nurse and one clinic" in the Obstetrics Outpatient Dept., and bedside nursing care for mothers and infants in obstetrics wards. It is the first hospital in the province that has opened the first second-pregnancy consultation clinic, added obstetric specialty clinic, featured outpatient clinic, set up a senior expert consultation center, and established the fetal university and baby club. It strengthens the construction of patient service center, broadens the appointment registration channel, optimizes the time-of-day visit, builds WeChat payment platform, upgrades the WeChat-guiding service, and further boosts the construction of green channels for re-visiting patients. It has established the second domestic and the first breast milk bank of public welfare nature in Eastern China, to promote breastfeeding of hospitalized premature or sick children, and improve the breastfeeding rate. It has been promoting the construction of "intelligent hospital", and formally passed the Level V review of the functional application level of the national electronic medical record system. It has made the interconnection with maternal and child health information system of Jiangsu Province a reality to realize the interoperability and sharing of information about pregnancy check-up, childbirth, child care, family planning, birth screening and neonatal screening. It has completed the upload of medical records within the coverage of municipal medical insurance, the interconnection of the provincial medical insurance outpatient system, the launch of the provincial medical insurance APP, and the docking and reporting of the municipal sunlight supervision platform for medical consumables, docking of the municipal health information quantity platform, etc.