Technical Advantages
Treatment For Low Birth Weight Infants

1.Technology name: Treatment and cureManagement of very low and extremely low birth weight infants

2.DescriptionTechnology Summary: The survival of very low and extremely low birth weight infants could be improved with the development of prenatal-neonatal medicine. The serial managements includeThe serial prenatal-neonatal caring processes include: consultations before delivery, resuscitations inside the delivery room, transports after the resuscitation, intensive care in NICU, and high risk follow- ups. Neonatologist is there to be consulted for every preterm labor before delivery. There is aA skilled team is responsible for resuscitations in the delivery room. After deliveriesy, preterm infants are will be safely transported to NICU within incubators and with respiratory supports. In the NICU, an experienced team made upconsists with of neonatologists, nurses, pharmacists, and radiologists are workedwill be working together to give offer the best treatment for to the preterm infants. Extremely low birth weight infants are will be supported by parenteral nutrition via PICC or UVC and ; fed with human milk or donor's milk by via tube catheters in order to promote enteral feeding; and. Ddifferent respiratory supports such as ventilators, CPAP are used for respiratory distress, as well. A number of physiological indexes including arterial blood pressure, arterial blood gas and transcutaneous blood gas of the Sick infants are monitored being continuously monitored. with continous arterial blood pressure, arterial blood gas, and transcutaneous blood gas. Neonatal Developmental Care are is recommended for to all preterm infants., to reduce stress and improve outcome include alteration of the environment (lower ambient light and sound), aids to promote flexion and self-regulation, clustering of care, and parental involvement in the care of their infant. After discharge, all the very low and extremely low birth weight infants are followed by neonatologist.

3.Current Statement and AchievementDevelopment status and achievement: More than 2000 preterm infants are admitted to the department of neonatology every year. Among them, about around 200 babies are very low or extremely low birth weight infants. Currently, tThe survival rate of very and extremely low birth weight infants now is above 90%. In sSeveral cases with gestational age around 25 weeks and BW around 700gcases, the infants with gestational age around 25 weeks and BW around 700g,have successfully survived without morbidity. The department of neonatology is one of the three key subjects medical institutes in Jiangsu province and also , the training base for neonatal resuscitation and care of preterm infants.

4.Direction of Future DevelopmentFuture Direction: The further study on Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program are required in the future.