Children's physical fitness
Children's Physical Fitness And Mental Health Assessment

1、Technical Name:Children's physical fitness and mental health assessment

2、Technical Introduction:Perform professional assessment towards various aspects for children at different age stages, such as motor, speech, emotion, behavior, intelligence and physical fitness, by applying mutiple scales and methods, which provides evidence for further intervention and rehabilitation.

3、Updates And Achievements:Assessments for motor, speech, emotion, behavior, intelligence and physical agility at different age stages have been established and perfected. Meanwhile, norms of Nanjing on some areas' assessment were constructed. Several papers have been published.

4、Prospective:Establish level-to-level administration through 3-grade child health care network. Implement the system of referral, professional assessment and early intervention. Secure and promote the healthy growth of each child, by providing them with thorough monitor during the whole developmental process.