Technical Advantages
Intrauterine Treatment

1、Technical Name:Intrauterine treatment

2、Technical Introduction:Intrauterine treatment is a way to treat fetus with fatal or severe malformation or disease using medicine, surgical or gene therapy method in order to improve the prognosis of the fetus.

3、Current Situation And Achievements:The fetal medicine department in our hospital is the only center in Jiangsu Province, providing comprehensively clinical, researching and teaching service. Treatments for fetal development abnormalities with normal chromosome are available in our centre, such as fetal pleural effusion, peritoneal effusion, pericardial effusion and so on. The centre is characterized with fetoscopy operation, which is currently involved in the prenatal diagnosis for fetal malformations, the prenatal diagnosis for hereditary disease using fetal biopsy, the drainage treatment for urethral valve disease, complications of monochorionic multiple pregnancies (for example: selective fetal reduction for twin-twin transfusion syndrome, fetal growth inconsistencies and one child with malformation).

4、Future Outlook:Intrauterine treatment will be developed to a broader range, including different kinds of fetal defects, intrauterine transfusion an so on in order to improve the level of fetal surgery, reduce the perinatal mortality and morbidity, enhance the long-term prognosis of neonatal and their life quality.