Technical Advantages
Labor Analgesia

1.Technology Name: Labor analgesia

2.Technology Summary: Labor analgesia may effectively relieve or ameliorate delivery pain by blocking pain under lumbar and abdominal dermatome via administering analgesics into epidural space. At present, this is the widely used labor pain control technique owing to its advantage such as high safety, exact analgesic effect, as well as no effect on uterine contraction.

3.Development Status And Achievement: Until 2000, epidural labor analgesia was performed 24 hours one day in the department of anesthesiology of Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Care hospital. Until now, more than 70000 cases had received effective labor pain control. In recent years, the rate of labor analgesia in women with spontaneous delivery is as high as 95%. This technique has been mature and regularly performed as one featured medical technology in our hospital. Labor pain control may relieve or ameliorate labor pain, decrease the side effects of labor pain on mother and baby, improve the delivery quality, as well as increase the satisfaction of parturients, and had gained benign economic and social benefits. Besides, this technique has acquired Jiangsu provincial and Nanjing municipal new technique introduction award. Thus far, we have carried 10 relative scientific research tasks, published more than 50 relative papers of which 3 SCI articles included, as well as acquired 2 patent inventions. Currently, our hospital was approved to be the Training Base on obstetrics anesthesia by the Chinese Medical Association of Anesthesiology and the Chinese Society of Anesthesiology.

4.Future Direction: Other than pain control, the study of labor analgesia on physical and psychological health of mother and baby was further required.