Technical Advantages
Fetal Echocardiography

1、The Technical Name:Fetal echocardiography

2、The Technology Introduction:Fetal echocardiography is a specialized technical method used ultrasound to detect fetal cardiovascular system diseases. Diagnosis of fetal congenital heart disease is the preferred technology to help accurately diagnose a variety of congenital heart defects, while ensuring safety of the fetus.

3、The Development Of The Current Situation And Achievements:Fetal echocardiography as characteristic inspection department, with the highest level of domestic diagnosis of fetal echocardiography throughout the year nearly 4000 patients, more than 600 cases of congenital anomaly of the cardiac structure diagnosis. The technique of fetal congenital cardiovascular abnormalities, arrhythmias and correct evaluation of cardiac function, correct handling of perinatal clinical important guiding role in reducing child birth deformities, favor eugenics.

4、The Future Direction:Continue to play the department technical features, combined with dynamic three-dimensional ultrasound and computed tomography and other cutting-edge technology for a comprehensive evaluation of the fetal heart, and to establish a joint consultation center with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, to strengthen the technical superiority and maintain the technology in the domestic leading level.