Technical Advantages
Assisted Reproductive Technology


1、Technical Name:Assisted Reproductive Technology

2、Technical Description: Assisted reproductive technology makes infertility patients achieve successful pregnancy by manipulating human gametes and zygotes in vitro , which include ovulation technology, artificial insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization - embryo transfer (IVF-ET) and its derivative technologies (such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), blastocyst culture, cryopreservation of gametes and zygotes, assisted hatching techniques, etc.).

3、Development Status And Achievements: Our center is one of the hospitals which were early approved to carry out the technical in the country. Currently, the clinical pregnancy rate of artificial insemination is 15% to 20%, fresh embryo transfer success rate remains 50% or more and frozen embryo transfer success rate is over 60%. Blastocyst culture and vitrification are characteristic technology of our center. In the province, we have obvious advantage in terms of technology which won several provincial and municipal science and technology awards.

4、Future Directions: Assisted reproductive technology is a safe and effective treatment of infertility. Blastocyst culture and vitrification technology offer the possibility of single blastocyst transfer which can reduce multiple pregnancies.