A Better Future

As a public health MCH hospital, the hospital, in respect of government function performance, has been undertaking the statistics, analysis and reporting of neonatal screening, neonatal resuscitation training, technical training of midwives, maternal health care system management, child health care system management, maternal mortality, perinatal mortality, mortality of children under 7 years of age, birth defects and female disease general survey of all delivery hospitals in Nanjing, including those at provincial and ministerial level and military delivery hospitals at all levels; shouldering the operational guidance and management of nearly 200 Class-3 maternal and child health care network organizations in Nanjing; assisting government at all levels with decisions and formulations of maternal and child health care policies. Regarding maternal and child health services, the hospital has unique and prominent advantages in birth defects intervention, prenatal diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment of obstetrical and gynecological diseases, diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases, gynecological endoscopic techniques, women and children health promotion and so on. Its medical and health care services have radiated Jiangsu province and even other cities and provinces .A new hospital district project has been set up in 2019,Which located in the north of the city, overing an area of 150 mu. At present, the Project of Dingjiazhuang New Hospital District has been included in the Major Economic and Social Development Project Nanjing in 2019.

The general working idea of the hospital in 2021 is We should lead the development of the hospital with Party Building, optimize the structure of hospital talent team, and make a start for “the 14th five-year plan”period.