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Prof. Phillipy Bryant,Chief of Rehabilitation Department of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in USA, came to our hospital for guidances.

On the morning of October 20, 2018, Prof. Phillipy BryantChief of Rehabilitation Department of children's Hospital of Philadelphia in the USA, came to our hospital to give guidances on the clinical work of Early-intervention and Rehabilitation Center. More than 40 doctors, therapists, nurses, interns and related medical staffs participated in the workshop.


In discussion, Professor Bryant explained the clinical diagnosis and treatments of two children with abnormal muscle tone, and expounded the comprehensive intervention model of cerebral palsy. He emphasized the importance of evidence-based medicine in the choice of treatments. At the same time, he systematically expounded the differential diagnosises and treatments of abnormal muscle tension, especially in children with low muscle tension.

In addition, Professor Bryant emphasized the importance of clinical observation in judging the severity of the disease and the correlation between motor and cognitive development, emphasizing the important role of comprehensive development and early appropriate rehabilitation in children's prognosis.

The doctors and therapists in present discussed enthusiastically and actively. They also consulted with Professor Bryant about their clinical problems. Professor Bryant affirmed the current diagnostic and therapy plans, also answered all the questions in details.

At last,  Professor Bryant expressed that he hoped to come to our hospital again to guide the clinical work of the Center for Child Health Care and Early Childhood Intervention and Rehabilitation.