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Two Swedish exchanged students Visit Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital

Two nursing undergraduates, Julia Wagner and Isabella, from Gothenburg University, Sweden, visited our hospital for exchanged study from May 7 to 10. Firstly , Zhu Zhu and Aixia Zhang, the directors of Nursing Department introduced the general situation,the development process and the present situation of the nursing discipline of our hospital to the exchange students.Later, they visited and studied the obstetrics department, special obstetrics department, maternity ward, MICU, NICU and Nursing Department of traditional Chinese medicine.Each head-nurse introduced their daily work and nursing characteristics to them.They also exchanged their nursing similarities and differences between China and Sweden with us . Finally, all tutors of the relevant departments organized an English nursing round of one threatened uterine rupture and two exchanged students said that the visit was very beneficiary for them.