Experts Intruduction
DEPARTMENT :Infection Management
TITLE :Associate of external therapy committee, which belongs to Committee of Chinese integrative medicine in Jiangsu
POSITION :Director
E-MAIL:[email protected]
NAME:Lu Yuanqing
TITLE :Chief physician,Associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology
POSITION :Head of Ward District 4 of Obstetrics department
E-MAIL:[email protected]
SPECIAL INTERESTS :Obstetric emergency,high risk pregnancy and difficult diseases of obstetrics
NAME:Qu Hongming
DEPARTMENT:Systems Maternal-Child Health Care
TITLE:Chief Physician The member of Preventive Medicine Association’s Child Health Care Professionals Committee in Jiangsu; Province,The member of Expert Group of Child Health Care Technical Guidance in Jiangsu Province,The secretary of Nanjing Children Health Care Experts Cooperation Group
POSITION :Director
E-MAIL:[email protected]
SPECIAL INTERESTS :Common diseases and difficult cases in child health care field
NAME:Shen Yan
DEPARTMENT: Cervical Disease
TITLE:Chief physician, Associate professor of Nanjing Medical University, Supervisor of postgraduate
POSITION :Director
E-MAIL:[email protected]
SPECIAL INTERESTS :Vaginal cervical disease and female genital disease