Experts Intruduction
NAME:Shen Yufeng
DEPARTMENT:Gynaecology(including Pelvic floor reconstruction)
TITLE : Standing Committee membe of Combine traditional Chinese and western medicine in jiangsu province
POSITION :Director
SPECIAL INTERESTS :Female pelvic floor dysfunction,Gynecolgical tumor
NAME:Shu Yiping
DEPARTMENT:Gynecologic oncology
TITLE:Chief physician, Associate professor of Nanjing Medical University, Supervisor of postgraduate, leader of the obstetrics and gynecology management group of Maternal and child health branch ofJiangsu province hospital association
POSITION :Director
SPECIAL INTERESTS :Abdominal surgery and laparoscopic surgery for Gynecological benign and malignant tumors
NAME:Tong Meiling
DEPARTMENT: Child Health Care Center
TITLE:Professor, Chief Physician;Deputy head of child health care group, pediatric society, Chinese Medical Association;2.Group leader of child health care group, pediatric society, Jiangsu Medical Association;
POSITION :Director
E-MAIL:[email protected]
SPECIAL INTERESTS :Early childhood development, children's eye care